• Formulate the Problem
    • What is the problem/task you need to solve in this project?How to put eggs in a car and make it roll without the eggs breaking.
    • What are the most important “knows” about this project? The most important knows are that the egg car will be put through a crash test and the car must be no more than 15 centimeters on any side and should be customized with a specific user in mind.
    • What are the important “need-to-Knows”? How many chances will we have to improve our cart.
  • Finding Information
    • What information will you use to solve this project? Physics articles and the internet
    • Where will that information come from/what resources will you have?I will use my physics articles and different sites on the internet.
  • Awareness of Constraints
    • What are the constraints (limitations/requirements) of the egg car? (such as time, design specs, etc) There might only be a certain number of eggs to be put in the cart



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